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Highest Score Kem Antilles

Highest Score

Kem Antilles

Published June 1st 1996
ISBN : 9780671899363
128 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Jake and Nog have hit the jackpot playing holo videogames in the Amusement Arcade. An alien named Kwiltek has offered them jobs helping him run remote-controlled mining operations on a distant planet where dull mining is turned into a thrilling video game. In the gaming room, teams of kids work together monitoring the operations by remote control, loading cargo and defending against the most frightening threats theyve ever seen on-screen. Now Jake and Nog can show their stuff! Soon theyre competing with other alien kids to see who can haul the most ore.Its the ultimate game -- with pay! Until the night Jake and Nog slip into the command center and see a roomful of screens displaying real-life images of a devastated world where desperate natives are under attack by fighters that look very familiar! Suddenly the game is over -- and the nightmare begins . . .