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Alisa (Wednesday Wives Club Book 3) Cynthia A Clement

Alisa (Wednesday Wives Club Book 3)

Cynthia A Clement

Kindle Edition
99 pages
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 About the Book 

Alisa discovers pleasure and love when she sets out to fulfill her husband’s fantasy.Alisa’s husband, Henry, wants a ménage a trois with another woman. Alisa loves being a wife and mother, but with their son away at boarding school, she’s restless and bored. Her husband proposes that she become more sexually adventurous.Her friends suggest that she find a handsome man to complete the threesome.Alisa searches for the perfect partner and knows him immediately. Trent is an aspiring actor, former model, and sets her heart racing. There’s only one problem. Will her husband accept the arrangement?Dare she love two men at once?Alisa is Book 3 of the Wednesday Wives ClubFour wives begin journeys of self-discovery as they attempt to fulfill their husbands’ fantasies.It is recommended that the series be read in order.Ella Book 1Lara Book 2Alisa Book 3Brenna Book 4