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Konraddo Hāsuto No Shōtai Kevin Wignall

Konraddo Hāsuto No Shōtai

Kevin Wignall

Published 2009
ISBN : 9784102171714
333 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Who is Conrad Hirst? Knowing the answer could get you killed. Not knowing could get him killed.Conrad Hirst is a hired killer working for a German crime boss. Disturbed by the death of his girlfriend ten years earlier and still bearing the scars of post-traumatic stress after serving as a mercenary, hes valued precisely because of how broken he is, by how coldly he kills, by the solitary existence he leads.But something has happened on Conrads most recent job thats shattered his equilibrium and left him determined to quit. Fortunately for him, theres a simple way to leave the business and begin life anew: Only four people know who he is and what hes done -- kill those four people, and Conrad is a free man.A simple plan, but life is never that simple, and as Conrads scheme unravels, he quickly realizes he isnt the only one doing the killing. With the certainties of his life crumbling around him, hes no longer sure whom hes been working for, or why, or what they want of him now. In fact, he cant even answer the ever-looming and ominous question: Who is Conrad Hirst?Fast-paced, dark, and disturbing, Kevin Wignalls newest page-turner is the story of a broken young man seeking retribution against those who have used him for their own gain, and of the devastating secret that fuels his anger. It is a story of identity and loss, of missed opportunities and the cruelty of fate.