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A Cursed Life Jax E. Garson

A Cursed Life

Jax E. Garson

Published 2012
Kindle Edition
200 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Earth was ravaged by wars, chemicals and radiation. A green sludge borders every city, town and population. Governments have fallen but corporations thrived. The poor are subject to the greed of the few Elites.The final chapter in the Robin Luddites series, Darius Jones struggles with the demons of his past and present while his friends around him are suffering. For the Jones family, it is not a good week.A child is kidnapped, Gus is arrested and tortured- Rose is enslaved by her contract. The Jones family struggles through a dangerous world. They are hunted, captured and attacked by many enemies. Some enemies they never knew they had.Sonya rushes to save her friend from Dallas who is suffering under LORD experiments. On the way to his rescue she is captured by Casino Town. She has to find a way to rescue herself and her brother before it is too late for them all.Darius Jones and Wimpy leave New Orleans to search for the kidnapped child and rescue Rose from a Robin Luddite. On the way to save Rose, Darius discusses his hopes with a unique Breed, a creature that sees more than the simple horizon horrors, a brighter future that eludes Darius.The Jones family come to Dallas to face the enemies that have obstructed their return so they can save their friends. Darius must find a way to protect the boy and win Rose’s affection while trying to evade the contracts issued on their heads. He faces the LORDs who had conspired to kill his brothers and now are torturing his friend, Gus. The last time he was in Dallas he had paved the road for corruption to filter in, and his brother Humvey is in the center of it all.Behind them, Detective Graves stalks them to prevent Darius from saving the child. A future is hidden in the child’s DNA.Contains adult situations, language, violence and sexual content.