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Breakthru Brokin Gemma Gould

Breakthru Brokin

Gemma Gould

Published January 1st 2014
ISBN : 9780992298586
240 pages
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 About the Book 

How annoying is it when you have to say Remember Me to someone you have met at a previous networking function? Its absolutely my pet peeve having to re-introduce myself to someone I have already met numerous times. Occasionally I just want to break out in a cheer, Give Me An A (insert remaining letters for chosen adjective). But seriously folks, Reputations Are Real, Not Manufactured, so its extremely important to communicate who you really are when you network. The last thing you want is to parade yourself For Sale only to wind up being told Who Needs A Broker like you? Ouch! The good news is some of you are just Born For Brokin, you have a talent for #Connecting with people on a Visual Or Vocal level as well as being gifted at winning the hearts and minds of clients. So get on board and get ready to be taken Up, Up And Away as BreakThru Brokin shows you there is dangerous side to Service With A Smile, one that involves a plucked chicken and a cash register. BreakThru Brokin is for all Brokers, its even For The Newbies. So whether you are looking for tips on Email Etiquette or need a hand with your own original Escalator Pitch, BreakThru Brokin is the book you cant live without!