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Homeowners, Its Time to Think Like a General Contractor David M. Dillon

Homeowners, Its Time to Think Like a General Contractor

David M. Dillon

Published January 9th 2011
ISBN : 9781456533861
132 pages
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 About the Book 

This book was written to help homeowners successfully navigate the somewhat murky waters of hiring contractors for their home improvements. During challenging economic times, there is an even greater risk of unscrupulous tactics to mislead homeowners to sign contracts that over promise and under deliver. This book will give you practical suggestions on how to protect yourself, how to find quality contractors, how to lower the cost of any project, how to manage the process and how to achieve the quality results you want in the first place. Getting high quality work done for reasonable prices is precisely how to add real value to your home and avoid headaches. This book is written by a successful general contractor and will help you approach any sized project like a pro. Today, more than ever, your money needs to go as far as it can. This may seem like a daunting concept, if youre not a veteran construction insider. Well explore the insiders perspective of successful General Contracting and dispel any mysteries about it in a hurry in practical language that any homeowner can easily understand. Well cover exactly how to: * Size up a project * Estimate a realistic budget * Understand exactly how to hire only the best subcontractors * How to negotiate the best price with those subcontractors * How to manage them * How to pay them * How to keep everything effectively on track Chapters include: Preface A note from the author 1 Should you trust a General Contractor? 2 What does a competent GC do and why should I think like one? 3 How much do things really cost? 4 I have a project in mind. Where do I start? 5 How do I find the right subcontractors in terms of competence and price? 6 How should I pay the subcontractors? 7 What is the typical chronology of the construction process? 8 How do I estimate the time to do the whole job? 9 How do I check the quality of the work? 10 What are some issues to be aware of when making finish selections? 11 What about appliances? 12 What if I just want to hire a General Contractor? How do I pick the right one and not get taken for a ride? 13 What are some common mistakes to avoid on the road to achieving excellence? Well also discuss how to protect your project from going over budget and the critical decisions that need to be made prior to even starting which so many people overlook, to their peril. In the end, youll be ready to manage your own project, or if you choose, hire the very best General Contractor. Youll have a much more informed perspective of what a good General Contractor does in any successful renovation or new construction project and be able to easily distinguish the competent ones from the rest.