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Namesake and Other Stories Julian Thomas

Namesake and Other Stories

Julian Thomas

Published October 17th 2011
ISBN : 9781908603692
156 pages
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 About the Book 

Opening this collection of stories is Namesake, described in The New Writer as the perfect carriage for the swirl of fun, surprise and wickedly witty allegory, which makes this a genuine joy to read. Absolutely superb-Phil Whitaker. The ten other stories are hopeful stories suggesting common decency can triumph over self-absorption-stories which rub shoulders with the shadows that make life a bit of an endeavour. So, in Bibis Bicycle, a man will work for ten years down a gold mine in order for people to say of his wife: Look! There goes Kibibi, she one hell of a lucky lady. Here is a collection of witty, joyous, and sensitive revelations about human behaviour written for the pleasures they will give, and the thoughts they may provoke.