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Les Bijoux, Tome 2 (Les Bijoux, #2) Eun-Ha Jo

Les Bijoux, Tome 2 (Les Bijoux, #2)

Eun-Ha Jo

ISBN : 9782752200228
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 About the Book 

The first thing I need to mention about this is the artwork its simply gorgeous!!! As well as the stunningly beautiful art the story is quite interesting as well I love the setting - the 12 mine districts and the gemstone mythos is really unusual. The story revolves around or gender switching protagonist Lapis (boy) Lazulai (girl) on a quest to free his world from the master/slave regime of the habits. Cruel Habit Diamond killed his parents and Lapis wants revenge, yet her female persona is in love with Diamond - how will our unforgiving villain feels when he finds out that his beloved is also his arch enemy?In this volume we get some of Diamonds tragic backstory and see what forged him into the tyrant he is. Beautiful from start to finish. Im so disappointed this series was axed after just 5 volumes.