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Dance and Echo (Heir of Scars I, Part Six) Jacob Falling

Dance and Echo (Heir of Scars I, Part Six)

Jacob Falling

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

-The Heir of Scars, Book Six, Dance and Echo-Let the wild welcome me.Let my journey be a teaching.Let my path be a circle.Let it lead me home,Wherever home may be.The Echo begins its journey from Windberth with a very odd mix of companions aboard--Royals, mismatched Knights, young Sisters and their even younger novice. Already there are hints of danger as Adria struggles to find her place among those who were once her people.In the past, among the Aesidhe, Adria slowly begins to learn the ways of their Hunters, taught by her uncle Preinon, the blind Holy Woman, Shisha, and her friend Mateko.But nothing could have prepared Adria for every hunt or every journey she must take.~26,000 words-The Heir of Scars I-Adria Idonea has always awakened from dreams of drowning. Throughout her childhood, Adria has awakened entangled in her linen sheets in her tower at her father’s mountain citadel of Windberth. She has awakened within sweat-soaked furs as a young woman among the Aesidhe, the Wilding Ghosts of the deep wood. Adria has awakened far too many times between the water and the air, gasping for breath and grasping for... something already lost.The dreams quickly fade, but the fear remains, for Adrias is a mind divided, a life in balance, heir of a nation on the brink of war.In the wake of the War of Scars, Adrias father carved a kingdom out of the scattered settlements of fledgling nobles. He forged a faith from the ashes of old religions left smoldering beneath the boot heels of long-lost armies. Now, at last, Heiland is a realm of order, held in a balance as careful as the black and white of a kings chessboard. A perfect order, except for... a few ghosts.The Aesidhe, now guided by Preinon, the exiled brother of King Ebenhardt Idonea, have become a challenge to the King of Heiland, to its Knights of Darkfire, and to the Matron of its Holy Sisterhood—a challenge made more potent by the unexpected arrival of a second great exile—young Princess Adria herself.Now, the games of chess taught to her by her father begin to play out on a grand scale, in the past and the present of her life, as Adria fights for a place in her world true to the destiny of a princess and the heart of a Hunter of the Aesidhe. And even as she returns to the spires of Windberth to fulfill a promise to her brother Hafgrim, the newly knighted Prince of Heiland, she remains uncertain of her status—royal scion... or exiled traitor?The War of Scars may have ended, but the legacy of shattered kingdoms and broken faiths has left the heirs of scars with an uncertain destiny in a fragile world. Torn between the legacy dictated by her father and the faith offered by her uncle and his new People, Adria knows that, as the Aesidhe have taught her, the mind divided can only defeat itself.