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Inside Autocad 14 Bill Burchard

Inside Autocad 14

Bill Burchard

ISBN : 9781562057558
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 About the Book 

The Best-selling AutoCAD book of all Time-- Completely redesigned and revised for todays AutoCAD user-- Leading AutoCAD experts share all of their insider tips and tricks to creating top-notch drawings.-- Detailed information on Release 14s new interface, office standards, Internet capability and more.-- Master features and techniques by performing hundreds of real-world exercises.-- Boost your performance and automate your work by learning how to customize AutoCAD to suit your needs.Throughout the 10+ years New Riders has been publishing Inside AutoCAD, CAD users have obviously evolved. The manner in which CAD is learned and the typical CAD user have changed. Drafters, designers, and engineers used to have the difficult task of moving from the drafting table to the computer. The movement to CAD meant learning a whole new method of drafting and how to use a computer.Today, these professionals have grown up with computers and learned how to draft on the computer rather than with a T-square and pencil. They understand the principles of CAD and are very comfortable with computers and all the technology surrounding them.Typically, todays CAD users begin their careers in a drafting position, creating drawings from pre-conceived ideas and plans. The next step in the career path is to become a designer or engineer -- the visionary of the plans and the manager of the project. To move up to this level, proficiency with AutoCAD is imperative. They must know how to properly setup, manage, and customize a project. This is what is needed in an AutoCAD book today, rather than CAD basics.Inside AutoCAD 14 will be completely redesigned and rewritten to accommodatetodays CAD user.Inside AutoCAD 14 is completely revamped to fit the needs of todays ambitious CAD professionals. It provides all the tips, techniques, and tools necessary for users to tackle the next step in their profession. Written by the industrys leading professionals, Inside AutoCAD 14 will help users become AutoCAD experts. Every chapter contains clear, concise, and practical exercises that demonstrate new features and techniques. Experts reveal their practical tips and tricks to make using AutoCAD as painless as possible.Users will progress to explore advanced drafting and design techniques, in addition to practical customization features that teach users how to work efficiently.The CD-ROM contains a of information and tools that expand Inside AutoCAD 14 to make it the indispensable package for the CAD professional.Contents include:-- Exercise files for using the books tutorials-- Complete catalog of CAD resources-- AutoLISP routines to help users work more efficiently-- and more